We work hard to ensure your child has access to a broad range of extracurricular activities designed to educate and nurture the whole child.


Our curriculum is broadly based, integrating the Nigerian National Curriculum, with
aspects of American and British Curricula. There is a wide variety of academic
abilities represented; SCIS strives to provide quality and stimulating academic


Every child’s progress is continuously monitored. The school uses progress reports,
continuous assessment tests and term exams to measure the academic
development of pupils. End of the term examinations is given to determine the
child’s rate of progress in relation to the targets for the class. Pupils will also be
assessed in the affective and psychomotor domain; interpersonal relationships, personal carriage, etiquette, manners and skills such as teamwork will also be remarked upon.

EYFS have their own learning journey book where assessments are logged as
evidence of the progress made. Observations are continually made on the work and
play of the learners in form of marks, photos, videos and statements by the key persons
in the class to inform what and how learning is being achieved.

Honesty, dignity, self-reliance and respect.

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