Health Policy

At admission, each child is expected to have an up to date immunization for his/her protection and that of others in the school. A child who is ill, particularly of a communicable disease, should not for any reason be sent to school. If a child is suspected to be suffering from a contagious disease, such a child may be excluded from school until the necessary doctor’s certificate is produced.

A registered nurse is attached to the well equipped school infirmary who takes care of minor health issues and maintains the records of the children. Pupils are not permitted to keep medication on their own. All medications brought to the school should be labelled with the pupil’s name and the prescription handed to the school nurse for administration.
First aid medication is available. However, where other medical attention is given to the child outside the school, such will be charged to the parents. Parents are advised to ensure that their child[ren] have proper and regular dental and eye check up.

At Our School:

  • All visitors must be buzzed through the main entrance to enter the school building. Visitors are required to check in with the Main Office, sign in and wear a visitors’ badge at all times while in the school.
  • All doors to the school remain locked throughout the school day. Each door is monitored by a security camera and intercom system, allowing office personnel to see and speak with each visitor before unlocking a door.
  • Pick-up procedures are driven by our parents. Any changes to pick-up plans for a student must be reported to the Main Office by a parent or guardian. Any student dropped off late or picked up early must be signed in and out by a parent or guardian.
  • The Health and Safety Committee is made up of administrators, teaching staff and facilities workers. Safety and security procedures and protocols are reviewed and revised frequently, and regular safety drills are held throughout the school year.
  • All teachers, staff and volunteers receive background checks before working with students and receive first aid training to handle minor bumps and bruises in their classrooms and on the playground.
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