Olubunmi Runsewe – Education Director

Dear parent,
I welcome you and your child to Scholars Crest International School (SCIS)

Teaching and learning require structured hard work which demands physical, emotional strength, self-discipline and perseverance for success; most children however do not understand these factors, especially the young ones.

At SCIS,we work to achieve a holistic education by providing a broad based curriculum with high standards and hands-on activities for boys and girls in pursuit of excellent academic and moral achievement in a conducive environment: thereby,structuring a solid foundation for useful and respectable citizens of the community. We acknowledge the role of parents as the first educators and motivators of their children therefore appreciate their great help to teachers and care givers in achieving this desired result.

As we come along your side to take the “clay” in whatever shape we find it and strive to mold into a disciplined, cultured and creatively thinking individual, prepared for the next stage of learning , we pledge devotion in our efforts to achieving this wholesome goal by providing an enhancing environment and facilities ,staffed with qualified, seasoned and caring individuals.

I pray that as a result of your experience at Scholars Crest ,you would indeed look back someday and be glad you took a chance on us for your child’s first stride into the world of formal learning -after all “great oak trees grow from little acorn seeds”

Thank you for your trust in our ability to share in the future of your child.
Mrs Olubunmi Runsewe

Education Director

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