Parent’s Forum

The School invites parents for open day once every term whereby parents check on the progress and discuss the general welfare of their pupils with the class teachers. There are other occasions whereby parents may be invited for a specific agenda.

There is also a bi-ennial open house where there is a fuller participation of pupils across the classes in the presentation of a specific theme. A back to school reception is held at the commencement of every session where new parents, as well as old parents, get acquainted with their child’s new class teacher. The school uses this forum to communicate the expectations and goals of that class to the parents and parents in turn get the chance to communicate any expectation/concern they may have with the teachers.

Furthermore, the involvement of parents in motivational and social activities organized by the school is encouraged. Parents’ fora are occasionally organized on class basis and parents will be notified in advance of these dates and times.

School Council

Representatives of the learners, parents and school committee chairperson meet once every term to deliberate and collaborate on matters concerning the welfare of the school.


SCIS is staffed with qualified and experienced teachers who are passionate about educating children. They are constantly trained and exposed to the latest pedagogy and procedures for efficient and effective learning. Similarly, we engage caring support staffs who are also exposed to the relevant training.

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