Admission Ongoing


Established in 1985 as Little Scholars’ School, and renamed Scholars’ Crest International School (SCIS) in 2006, Scholars’ Crest International School is a cradle of academic excellence in preparing pupils for the next stage of learning.

This we have attained by creating a conducive environment for achieving a holistic nursery and elementary education, ensuring a well-rounded education involving school activities beyond the formal classroom curriculum and providing experiences for pupils that will improve skills and enhance social maturity.

Our staff is constantly exposed to capacity training locally and internationally in order to keep pace with recent practices for quality assurance measurement and to offer cutting edge tutoring and education.

Dignity, hard work, honesty, self-reliance and the effective use of leisure time are values highly appreciated and encouraged at Scholars’ Crest International School.

This echo ensures happy members of our school community. We will continue in this tradition of excellence.

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