Zoom Meeting held on Saturday, 2nd May, 2020.at 10 am.

  • Attendance – 77
  • Agenda: Covid-19.

The following are the summary of the meeting:

(1) Acknowledgement : Parents were appreciated for their cooperation and support during the just concluded 2wk lesson-support learning
(1b)Parents also expressed their appreciation to the teachers for their consistency and enthusiastic support for the children during this lockdown learning support activities.
The sacrifice on both sides was applauded by the E.D.

(2) Learning platform: The school plans to change to the use of the google class to continue learning .

Therefore, parents are to forward their email addresses to their children’s class teachers, so that the I.D to access the platform which is planned to start from the 11th of May 2020 can be sent to them.
Lessons shall be thrice weekly .
(This interval is to enable the teachers to plan and prepare adequately)

(2b) Only the core subjects would be taught .i.e.literacy.(English grammar, Comprehension,phonics, Composition, Vocabulary..as contained in their text books) and Verbal Reasoning. Also Mathematics & Quantitative, Science and Social Studies.The topics shall be as contained in the 3rd Term Syllabus.

However these topics shall be re-taught upon resumption for reinforcement.

A Project topic also will be forwarded to the children for their personal research and presentation.

(3) Parents who have already paid fees for the 3rd term were acknowledged for their demonstration of faith and trust.

(4) Suspension of Creche : The intention of the school to suspend indefinitely, her creche facility even after the eventual resumption, in order to avoid health risk was mentioned.

(5) Examination: After much deliberations on whether or not to conclude the outstanding 2nd term examination, it was agreed that it should still take place as scheduled by the school because it will serve as an instrument to measure the pupils retention ,as well as the school performance for further planning.

(6) Suggestions: Many parents were optimistic but then offer various and useful suggestions that may ensure possible health and safety measures to the school.
These include the suspension of co-curricula activities and assemblies in order to minimize social contacts .

The school agreed to them and reiterated other measures planned in compliance to these regulations.

(6b) Other suggestions include Shift school sessions ,a long term option for virtual schooling as against physical attendance in school .This is because of the uncertain nature of the pandemic. The schools agreed to explore the latter but would need to plan adequately and prepare the teachers in this capacity.


Parents were encouraged to remain calm and continue to trust that God will intervene sooner than later to make a way through ,this maze of an emotionally and psychological experience .

Those who may be resuming work on Monday are enjoined to keep safe still and keep strong with assurance that we shall all meet again .

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